Destination Digital Grants Guidance

Connecting Cambridgeshire’s Destination Digital project is an EU funded programme and companies must fulfil the following criteria to access support:

  1. Be a small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) of fewer than 250 employees and not more than 25% owned by a non-SME.
  2. Your Head Office and trading address must be registered in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough.
  3. Businesses in certain sectors are not eligible for de minimis aid from ERDF. If your business/organisation is active in the fisheries, agricultural or coal sectors, or if you are unsure of your entitlement to benefit from de minimis aid, it is recommended that you check eligibility with us first or visit:
  4. You must not have exceeded the De Minimis Aid maximum threshold of €200,000 (approx. £158,000) of aid over any continuous period of 3 fiscal years. Potentially, any funding and/or services you may have received from a public body will count towards the threshold. Please check the above website if you are unsure or call 0800 917 7044.
  5. Your business must have growth potential: this will be demonstrated by an increase in turnover and/or the retention/creation of jobs.
  6. Be receptive to finding out how technology can help grow your business.
  7. Products or services you plan to purchase with our support must offer additionality – i.e. without the funding provided by the Destination Digital Project you would not have purchased the product or service and the resulting inputs, outputs, results and impacts would not have been achieved without it. Please do not make any purchases until your application has been approved. Any receipts or invoices received prior to your application approval will not be accepted.

The Destination Digital Project is able to provide up to 40% financial support to help you purchase digital equipment or services. The maximum grant we will award is £4,000 per SME. Eligible products and services can include (but are not limited to) computer hardware including servers, printers, VDUs, tablets, laptops, computer software, 3D printers, mobiles, video conferencing equipment, mobile apps, cloud CRMs, IT Training courses and upgrade to broadband connections. This list is not exhaustive; please contact our business advisors if you require any further information on digital products or services that are eligible.

Click here for the application form.


Please send your application to us by email. This way we can make sure your applications are processed before the 31 May deadline.

Digital products/services need be purchased and claimed for by 14 June.

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