If you are unable to find the answer to your query in our FAQ’s, the national Connection Voucher website may hold the answer. If neither of these help, please feel free to contact us.

General FAQs

What is Destination Digital?
Destination Digital is the business support project from Connecting Cambridgeshire. Since the project began in February 2014, it has helped over a thousand businesses across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to use digital technology and grow.

How has it helped businesses to get connected and make the most of digital technology?
Destination Digital has helped companies to get Government grants to install superfast broadband, buy the latest equipment such as 3D printers, and improve their skills in using digital technology. It has also helped to businesses to start-up, create and safeguard jobs, make efficiency savings, and drive innovation.

Connection Voucher FAQs

Why has the Connection Voucher scheme ended so soon?
Since April 2015, the Connection Voucher Scheme has been funded by a £40m challenge fund held by the Government Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). This fund was operated on a strict first come, first served basis. Demand for vouchers has been consistently high since April and has surged in the last few weeks as SMEs rushed to get their applications in before the fund was fully committed.

How long has the scheme been running and which areas does it cover?
First launched in Cambridge and surrounding areas in February 2014 as part of the SuperConnected Cities programme, the voucher scheme was extended countywide to include businesses in Peterborough in February 2015 and to all CB postcodes including parts of Suffolk and North Essex in August 2015.

Over 800  businesses across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have received a voucher, giving them access to an affordable superfast broadband connection

Why weren’t SMEs warned that the scheme was ending?
The national scheme was funded by a £40m challenge fund since April 2015. This fund was operated on a strict first come first served basis and its rate of take up was dependent on demand. To ensure that as many SMEs as possible applied for a voucher, the scheme was promoted through local, regional and national press in early September encouraging SMEs not to delay and apply now.  There was a surge in demand in the last few weeks meaning that the challenge fund was fully committed earlier than anticipated.

I applied to the connection voucher scheme before it was suspended, why has my application been rejected?
The £40m challenge fund for the Connection Voucher Scheme was operated on a strict first some first served basis. Once the fund was fully committed, we had to stop issuing any further vouchers, regardless of when the application was submitted.

We have been working on a complex group scheme, which takes longer to put together and as a result, we have missed out
We and BDUK are sympathetic to these situations but it was necessary to suspend the scheme when it became clear that the £40m challenge fund has now been fully committed. This suspension was applied consistently across the scheme. No further vouchers can be issued as part of the scheme.

I previously applied for a voucher and received it some time ago. Will it expire if I don’t use it within a certain amount of time?
Once you have received your voucher you have 28 days to order your connection before your voucher expires. Once you have your connection installed, send us the invoice with the speed check and if everything is in order we will pay the supplier within seven working days. It is important to ensure that your connection is ordered as soon as possible.

I applied for a connection voucher before 12 October and have been waiting for a decision from DCMS. What is happening with my application?
Firstly, thank you for applying for a Connection Voucher, and please accept our apologies for the delay in confirming the status of your application.

On 10 November we received official confirmation from Broadband Delivery UK, who ran the scheme on behalf of the Government, that the £40 million Challenge Fund for the scheme was fully committed by 12 October.
We are therefore sorry to inform you that we are not able to offer a Connection Voucher.

Please be advised that some Suppliers are offering  support in order to help businesses that didn’t receive a voucher. If you want to know more, please contact the suppliers directly to find out what they can offer. We will post details of any offers we are aware of on our Top Suppliers page.

If you have any queries regarding this decision please email the team using contact@destinationdigital.info.

Continuing Support for Connection Voucher Applicants

How long will it take to get connected?
You must order your new connection within 28 days of receiving your voucher. Timings will vary for installation and your supplier is best placed to advise you on how long this will take.

What does the broadband connection voucher pay for?
If you have already applied and been given a Connection vouchers it can be used to pay for the cost of installing superfast broadband to your building, including surveys, equipment and wayleaves.

Connection vouchers can’t be used to fund monthly subscription costs or the VAT of the connection charge.

I’m confused by the jargon.  Can you help?
Have a read of the broadband guide for further information.

Still stuck? Please, in the first instance, email us at contact@destinationdigital.info. Otherwise, call us on 01223 743 790